Interview: Mark Hill, Chief Revenue Officer, W Energy Software - OILMAN Magazine

Oil and gas producers are under intensifying pressure to drive performance and production to new heights while reducing operating costs and focusing on capital discipline. OILMAN recently sat down with Mark Hill, CRO at W Energy Software, to learn how an operator’s choice of software plays a central role in bolstering business performance with a leaner team and why W Energy Software has seen double digit growth.

Emmanuel Sullivan: Can you provide an overview of your journey through the energy b

Pipelines: A Vital Piece of the Puzzle in the Oil and Gas Stream - OILMAN Magazine

Five major players – Kinder Morgan, Williams Companies, ONEOK, Energy Transfer, and Plains All American – each with extensive pipeline networks that zigzag across the country, dominate the midstream oil and gas segment in the U.S. Numerous regional companies also facilitate the intricate delivery of petroleum products on a smaller scale.

The downstream segment relies on the pipeline operators to deliver crude oil, natural gas, carbon dioxide, and other refined petroleum products for processing

The Great Offshore Oil and Gas Discovery in Guyana

ExxonMobil won the prize. The greatest offshore oil discovery in recent decades was secured by the world’s largest exploration and production company in May 2015. The windfall for the oil giant is also a fortune for the people of Guyana, a former Dutch and British colony at the north-eastern tip of South America. The tiny country’s neighbor is Venezuela, itself rich in oil reserves, so there is no surprise Guyana shares the same luxury.

In December 2016, the Venezuelan Navy intercepted an explo